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Ecole de la deuxième chance Normandie

The second chance school was created in January 2017 in Hérouville-Saint-Clair in Normandy. In our training centre, we receive young people from 16 to 29 years old, who dropped out from the mainstream education without any diploma or qualification.

The objective is to offer them an educational pathway so that they get necessary skills, and to enable a sustainable social, civic and professional integration.

Since 2020, the school recrutes 200 trainees per year, that is to say about 17 each month. A large majority of them are from the Calvados department.

At the beginning, each trainee is tested in mathematics, french and digital skills to establish her/his level. Afterwards, an individualised training plan is created to see her/his progress later.

The concept is based on the construction of a professional project, the training in academic skills and the socio-educational workshops during about 8 months. Every month the trainees have to do a 2 or 3 weeks training period in different companies. The trainees get a pay.

The objective for the trainee is to access :

  • an apprenticeship contract ;
  • a qualification training program (leading to a diploma acquisition) ;
  • a job position in a company.

At the end of the course, a certificate of acquired skills is given to the trainee, as well as his/her "pro book" (portfolio of skills).

The school is organised around five departments :

  • The support and recruitment department: recruitment of the trainees, support for trainees to find solutions to social problems (mobility, health, housing, etc.) in partnership with local associations and institutions.
  • The pedagogical department: academic and soft skills training, culture and citizenship, construction of the professional project, pedagogical and collective project management and training periods assessments.
  • The company relationships department: development of partnerships with companies and training organizations, construction of the professional project with the trainers, work experience assessment, support for the trainees in preparing a job interview and getting a contract in a company, assuring the permanent link between trainees, trainers and professional partners.
  • The digital department: Fight to reduce the digital divide.
  • The management department: application and respect of the rules of the training centre for all the public and employees and support for the team in various projects.

The Second chance school of Normandy (E2C Normandie) is a part of a national network (53 « schools » and 135 sites).

The work carried out during this STREET ART project will enable the trainers with new skills in order to set up further educational projects with different trainees groups. This will help us accompany the young people in social skills acquisition (creativity, self-confidence and social integration).

With the Street Art project, we will also work in collaboration with a graffiti artist to train the trainees in various graffiti techniques and to create a fresco for our training centre.


Associazione N.E.T. (Networking Education and Training)

The Associazione N.E.T. is a not for profit association founded in 2001 by experts of the training and educational sector. Net addresses above all disadvantaged people like women, long term unemployed, elderly, disabled people and single parents to support them from a social, training and employment point of view. The association is very active at the local and regional levels by collaborating with public organisations and institutions like Regions, Municipalities, Local Health Units (ULSS), Universities, Chambers of Commerce but not only.

Associazione N.E.T. is very active in the third sector to develop self-sustainable and fair activities and to develop a sustainable economy through micro-credit by collaborating with cooperatives and associations of the private sector that in Italy substitute the Public sector in many situations.

Main objectives

Associazione N.E.T. The main targets are disadvantaged people especially:

  • Young people
  • Women
  • Elderly people
  • Migrants
  • Disabled people
  • Long term unemployed

Local and regional development

Associazione N.E.T. aims at contributing to local and regional development by organising activities and developing sustainable community projects and programmes. Recently the Association is trying to go towards a fair and sustainable type of activities developing innovative actions and supporting new ideas.

New objectives relate to:

  • Fair self entrepreneurship
  • Environment
  • Organic/biodynamic agricolture
  • Healthy cooking and eating
  • Sustainable tourism
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European and national networks

Associazione N.E.T. belongs to 2 important networks, one at the European level and the second one at the national level:


I Care Network

the widest network of charity
associations and organisations in Italy.
Net is a member since 2015


(Mutual Organisation for self-management)
supporting at national level Associations, cooperatives and organisations belonging to the third sector. Dealing above all with Fair Finance and microcredit. Associazione N.E.T. Is member since 2001


Dundee and Angus College

Dundee and Angus College (D&A) provide vocational and further education opportunities for learners in the Dundee and Angus region of eastern Scotland. With three campuses across the area along with additional smaller outreach centres, the college provides learning for over 6,000 full time students, over 10,000 other students and also provides learning opportunities for school pupils in their senior phase.

With a long history of partaking in Erasmus projects, Dundee and Angus have expertise of working alongside European partners and organisations in order to facilitate positive change for student learning and experience, and also look to investigate and integrate best practices from around Europe, into their own processes and methods.

As the sole vocational education provider for the region, D&A have a requirement to ensure the region has the skills to fulfil the employment requirements moving forwards, and we are constantly working closely with industry and organisations to tailor our offering accordingly. In addition, our internal strategies such as ‘More Success Students’, ‘Future Talent’ and our ‘D&A Pledge’ to offer a course place to any eligible school leavers allows us to further the skills and talent within our current young people and our future workforce.


Stichting art.1

Based in Amsterdam – the Netherlands, Stichting art. 1 is dedicated to the visibilization and inclusion of minorities through the arts.

The foundation’s name comes from art itself as well as the first article of the Dutch Constitution, which states that no individual is to be discriminated on grounds of religion, race, and political or sexual preferences. This is the basis of all our projects, films, festivals, theater productions and cultural events: the use of art as a tool with which to build more diverse, empathetic and cohesive societies – a practice also known as artivism.

We implement artivism methodologies (activism through art) – organising trainings in film, podcast, storytelling and cultural online/offline panel talks. By doing so, the organisation seeks to provide artistic tools and channels for sidelined voices to join mainstream narratives and boost the democratic participation of minorities.

The foundation consists of five full time employees and one intern, as well as several young freelance professionals and a network of highly dedicated volunteers. The organization is committed to working with skilled migrants and refugees, as well as constantly striving towards a gender-balanced work environment.

Stichting art.1 operates with key culture and human rights partners and stakeholders at a local, European and international level. Local: youth organisations, educational organisations, cultural initiatives and LGBTIQ+ organisations. European level: LGBTIQ+ advocacy groups and artistic organizations throughout Europe. International level: film festival circuits, queer programming initiatives and Dutch Embassies worldwide.


Asociación ACE (Aprende, Coopera y Emprende)

ACE located in León (Spain) is a non-profit organisation set up in 2012, with the aim of promoting lifelong learning. It brings together the expertise of a group of 4 professionals who have worked previously in the public sector. All of them have trained students in several fields: entrepreneurship, equal opportunities, innovation, organic farming, e-learning and international cooperation projects.

Searchlighter Services Ltd

Searchlighter Services is based in Bristol, UK where the European street-art movement started in the early1980s.

The organisation acts as a research institution, primarily engaged in the Social Sciences. Its projects facilitate human development, education, sector innovation and knowledge transfer. In this context, it commits to enhancing transparency, accountability, civil rights and social cohesion in all our project activities.

While drawing on its knowledge of the subject area from its location, in St’Art Up, it will also oversee the organisation of the course development, especially concerning inclusivity among potential beneficiaries.


PCX Computers & Information Systems

PCX Computers & Information Systems is a Cypriot SME, with high expertise in applying innovative technology solutions in education. It was established in 1998 in the beginning of educational reformation due to Technology and World Wide Web development.

As an ICT consulting company, PCX has the capacity and the knowledge to promote the benefits of the application of ICT solutions and the adoption of digital solutions at enterprise and educational level.

Its core business is focused on 3 main lines of expertise: 1) Consulting & Advising: Highly specialized services to support SMEs development; 2) Education & Training: Innovative training methods and tools, training materials and contents’ production on different areas of business development; 3) Specialised software development and web designing and development.