St’ART UP – Building Pathways for Street-Art to Foster Inclusive Resilience and
Enterprise through Creativity



St' ART UP Objective

The St’Art up project aims at using street art as a tool to combat social exclusion and isolation as well as stimulating active citizen participation and social entrepreneurship for members of the primary target group.

The St’Art Up project has the objective to develop a street-art pathway for young adult as key members of the target group. The pathway will enable them to express their feelings and thoughts as well as ideas and fears by gaining new creative/digital skills and self entrepreneurial knowledge .

Target Groups


Socially disadvantaged young adults at risk of social marginalization, isolation and exclusion, no matter their sex, age 18-35


Associations/organizations/public bodies/ adult training providers dealing with the main target group (but not only, also with vulnerable groups like migrants, offenders/ex-offenders, disabled and women victims of violence) that will benefit from a learning online and free pathway


municipalities, associations working with street art and with young adults in difficulties, policy-makers responsible for their health and well being, voluntary and charity associations, religious bodies and social organisations.


St’Art UP digital tool

The St’Art UP project will be characterised by a series of multimedia and interactive tools to support young adult learning. The web portal contents are thought to reduce the use of paper as much as possible. Our E-learning describes teaching and learning methods that are supported by the use of technology. This includes accessing teaching resources online, communication tools, online assessment and classroom technologies such as interactive Smartboards and Smart TV