Course Content
Module 1: Street Art in Context
This module sits as a broad introductory overview for the more detailed elements of the course. It is deliberately presented as the first module so that the moer detailed Modules can assume that some of the context for considering Street Art as an activity that can deliver a fulfilling means to earn a livelihood. It can be taken as a self-standing short course, to consider “What is Street Art?” if that is useful for a set of learners. However, it is primarily created so that the there are foundations on which to build to skills in application and business, including the soft-skills that may be essential learning for disadvantaged young people.
Module 2: Artistic Expression in Practice
Module 3: Production of Arts Illustration
Module 4: Art Display for a Public Audience
Module 5: Business Opportunities for Creatives
Module 6: Marketing and Promotion in the Arts
Street Art for the Business Start-up
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