3D street-art Installations in Bristol, UK

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3D street-art Installations in Bristol, UK


Searchlighter, one of the St’ART UP partners, found a series of 3D street art installations that were placed around Bristol’s shopping centre in Autumn 2021. Artists created four optical illusions which were in place for several days.

Julian Beever created a picture of the T-Rex shown here. He said: “I most love making something new, and if possible, where the artwork meshes in with the actual surroundings. The 3D dinosaur in Cabot Circus was a case of both. I tried to match the scene with the real view of the ground floor. It’s there for all to discover on the upper ground floor and I hope many people do.”

There were four installations in all. Our personal favourite is the ‘Crocodile Canyon’ and we show this wondering how many people had the courage to walk across!